Unlike PhD, in Asian and Middle East countries applied research activities in Business Administrations (DBA) are not too prevalent. It is due to the fact that, comparing to the developed nations, the opportunities to undertake business oriented research process in the emerging nations were scares till few years back. The UBDP, therefore strive to develop and promote a new Research culture – the blend of conventional economic theories with the experience of the unfortunate Global Economic crisis of 2008-2009.

Therefore, the world economy requires further intense study and research in remodeling the business approaches to develop sustainable business models based on the demands from region to region and industry to industry. Accordingly, UBDP wishes to instill more applied approach in the Business Management Research Process by extending American standard Applied Research Program at affordable cost while on Profession. The DBA program of UBDP is accredited through its parent university viz the University of Hispano Americana Justo Sierra of Mexico. The DBA accreditation issued by Ministry of Education, Mexico is valid all over the world due to the fact that Mexican accreditation is completely recognized as per the regulations for services within the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

The unique nature of UBDP Doctoral Program in Business Administration immensely improves the complex analysis and decision-making qualities of the research scholar. In addition, it shall also deepen their expertise, build competencies to collaborate and net work with their peers. The UBDP program would facilitate the pool of passionate, diverse group of working professionals at senior management level. It also fulfills their desire to share and expand their given experiences, knowledge and make them to stay current in today’s ever changing business practices in the globalised market economy. The DBA certificate issued by UBDP through the Parent University enables you to become the titleholder within the ambit of NAFTA. Therefore UBDP admit only accomplished professionals from different walks of life like Entrepreneurs, CEO’s CFO’s, Ministers, Diplomats, Top Bureaucrats, Project Directors, etc.

Last but not the least, the DBA title holder enjoys immense self-esteem and acceptability among the Professional and Entrepreneurial community while their association enhances value addition to the product and services of any corporate entity.


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