Mission and Quality Policy

The mission of the UBDP is to impact qualitative improvements in the entrepreneurial approach and decision making by extending applied research programs to mould accomplished professionals to the core of their potential and thereby evolve sustainable business models for the betterment of the National and International Economies.

UBDP quality system has an inbuilt check and control to produce fine tuned entrepreneurs and best business models to sustain in the globalized market economy. It also seeks to extend maximum academic satisfaction not only to the Research students but also in the intrinsic value of their research output.

Outlook of the DBA Program of UBDP
UBDP offers unique Applied Doctoral Research Program in Business Administration to accomplished Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Ministers, Diplomats, Project Directors, etc., who satisfy the required eligibility criteria. Our Program is specially designed only for professionals who have completed at least 5 years at the top management level. The University offers absolute freedom to the Research Students to opt any type of research process including case study approach about his specific exposure at the corporate/bureaucratic level.

The unique blend of short-term face-to-face training, online response and guidance coupled with the personal attention of the Research Guide make the DBA of UBDP as one of the most sought after and renowned Business Research Doctoral Programs in the world for professionals. It means, none of the students need to disturb his/her present engagement to pursue the DBA of UBDP.

The eligible professional can take admission online from anywhere in the world after providing required documentation as enumerated in the ‘Application Form’ page of the University website. The DBA of UBDP is a face-to-face program with active involvement of University e-portal and personal guidance of respective Research Guide appointed by UBDP for each student.

Advantage of DBA over Ph.D for Professionals from the Industry
Unlike other research universities, UBDP specializes only in Doctoral Business Administration (DBA) which relies more on applied premises. In general, the focus of a Ph.D program is to develop new theory, whereas the focus of a DBA program is to apply blend of theory and empiricism for the advancement of given business practices.

The Ph.D in Social Science is also research based degree but it gives more emphasis on theoretical aspects and therefore their goal shall be academic career while DBA is for ambitious professionals from Industry. DBA is the best platform to mould the given potential of the accomplished professionals through systematic research skills training and guidance to create sustainable business models for the betterment of the globalized market economy. However, both Ph.D and DBA program require original research culminating in the creation and defense of Thesis or Dissertation.





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