Admission and Scholarship

The University has prescribed well-defined criteria for the Admission eligibility and Scholarship. The very purpose of offering Scholarship even to persons placed at the top of the bureaucratic and corporate level is to induce and encourage top notch professional to consolidate their area of expertise and share the same with the business community in the form of dissertation.

Admission Eligibility

Unlike other Doctoral Programs, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program of UBDP vastly relies on empiricism by enrolling only accomplished professionals like Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, CFO’s, Ministers, Diplomats, Top Bureaucrats, Project Directors, etc. In other words, the DBA program of UBDP can be undertaken only with splendid Academic and Professional track record which ensure highest standard and acceptability for its accreditation. Accordingly, UDBP sets the following strict eligibility criteria for 3 years DBA as well as integrated DBA of 4 years;

The proponent student should posses a minimum of 5 years professional experience at the top Management level either in Private/Public sector or at any project level.


Hold a Masters degree in similar stream either in Economics, Business Management, Accounts or equivalent qualification from accredited institutions.


Those who hold accredited Bachelors or Masters Degree in other disciplines will have to undergo integrated DBA of 4 years span.

The application of each student requesting for DBA enrolment must clearly explain the applicant's objectives for seeking a Doctorate of Philosophy in Business Administration Sciences including intellectual curiosity, interest in pursuing academic research, and relevance of their academic background.

It should also contain a detailed description about the Management level activities and Professional background of the candidate to screen the exposure and their capability to successfully undertake the Applied Research Process in Business Management.

Applicants from countries or universities where English is not an official educational language should provide a TOEFL minimum score of 79 (internet-based) / 213 (computer-based) / 550 (paper-based) or an equivalent result of other recognized English language tests.

Those applications duly complete in all respect can be forwarded electronically to UBDP through UBDP web site and email the application with relevant documents to UBDP Head Quarters or to Group Corporate Office or at any Main Training Campus as enumerated in ‘Contact Us’ page.. On evaluation of the same by the Academic Committee of the UBDP, the same will be forwarded to the Parent University for enrolment.

See the ‘Application Form’ page for obtaining the format of DBA Application and information about the registration requirements.

Scholarship Eligibility

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of any responsible educational Institution, UBDP is very keen to identify and award scholarship to highly accomplished professionals who also hold splendid academic track records. The Scholarship is for professional and academic excellence.
Eligibility and selection criteria
  • Application open to students of any citizenship
  • Applicants must have extra ordinary achievement in his/her professional arena. Such achievement should not have otherwise happened without the applicant’s personal efficiency and professional approach.
  • The achievement should have happened during his/her engagement at a top management level spanning not less than 5 years in that organization.
  • Applicant should have achieved at least 75% marks in his/her qualifying exam for DBA admission.

Those who satisfy the above requirements may fill the Scholarship Application Form appended herein and submit alongwith the proof of above outstanding professional and academic excellence. As regards the professional excellence, the details of such extra ordinary achievements can be described in support pages alongwith specific details and proof. On receipt of such application, the Academic Committee shall review the merit of each case and decide accordingly. Scholarship Application should be forwarded alongwith DBA Application.

Benefits covered by the Scholarship

The Scholarship covers 10% to 100% of the tuition fee in each semester based on the merit of each case. The Scholarship does not cover any other expenses other than each Semester’s fee to the extent of scholarship concession approved by the University.
Requirements to retain a Scholarship

At the end of each semester, the eligibility to continue the Scholarship will be reviewed by the Academic Committee of the University for which such student should have achieved ‘Good’ Grade in all but one subject (with not less than ‘Satisfactory’ Grade).

Submit ONLINE Scholarship Form
The Application Form for Scholarship is appended herein

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