UBDP offers unique applied Doctoral Research Program in Business Administration to accomplished Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Ministers, Diplomats, Project Directors, etc., who satisfy the required eligibility criteria. Our Program is specially designed only for professionals who have completed at least 5 years at the top management level. The University offers absolute freedom to the research students to opt any type of research process including case study approach about his specific exposure at the corporate/bureaucratic level.
The unique blend of short-term face-to-face training, on line response and guidance coupled with the personal attention of the Research Guide make the DBA of UBDP as one of the most sought after and renowned Business Research Doctoral Program in the world for employed professionals. It means, none of the students need to disturb his/her present engagement to pursue the DBA of UBDP.

The mission of the UBDP is to impact qualitative improvements in the entrepreneurial approach and decision making by extending applied research programs to mould accomplished professionals to the core of their potential and thereby evolve sustainable business models for the betterment of the National and International Economies.

UBDP quality system has an inbuilt check and control to produce fine tuned entrepreneurs and best



The University of Business Online Doctoral Programs FZ L.L.C. (UBDP) is established at RAK Investment Authority, of the Government of Ras Al Khaimah to function as an autonomous University under code 8030-04; to carryout activities of Internet University under code 8030-05; and for extending Educational Consultancies under code 8090-16. The mandate for the above University was accorded by RAK Investment Authority, Government of Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E. under its activities chart ‘GROUP 8030 – HIGHER EDUCATION’.

As part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of any responsible educational Institution, UBDP is very keen to identify and award scholarship to highly accomplished professionals who also hold splendid academic track records. The Scholarship is for professional and academic excellence. The Academic Committee shall review the merit of each case and decide accordingly. Scholarship Application should be forwarded alongwith DBA Application.


The University has prescribed well-defined criteria for the Admission eligibility and Scholarship. The very purpose of offering Scholarship even to persons placed at the top of the bureaucratic and corporate level is to induce and encourage top notch professional to consolidate their area of expertise and share the same with the business community in the form of dissertation.

Unlike other Doctoral Programs, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program of UBDP vastly relies on empiricism 


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