The Faculty and the Academic Committee Members of UBDP  
Dr. K.K. Joseph
D.B.A. from Fidelitas University, San Jose, Costa Rica
Faculty of Finance and Research

Dr. K.K. Joseph is the CEO and Founding Chairman of KKJ Group International (Global Operations) and Al Swiss Group of Companies (Middle East Operations). His Group has operations encompassing almost all the continents including Europe and America. He is an accomplished titleholder of ‘Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), - whose determination and rich exposure as an ardent professional in Business Management, Law and finance made KKJ Group International to excel on its path towards becoming a dominant global player in the areas of their multinational conglomerate operations.


He is the president of the University as well as the Chairperson of the Doctoral Research Award Committee of the University. His 20 years of experience in multinational conglomerate operations makes him one of the apt authorities to assess the quality of the Business Research outcome and the dissertations. He has almost a decade long experience as President of educational Institutions run by KKJ Group International in Toronto, Canada.

His Research into the “Sustainable Business Model in the Globalized Market Economy” awarded him the coveted DBA Degree. It is a unique research analysis about Globalization from Capitalist perspective which is also very relevant in the backdrop of 2008-2009 Global Recession. He is also Director for many socio-economic Institutions and organizations.


Dr. Alejandro Baqueiro
Ph.D from Mexican University,
Academic Committee Member


Dr. Alejandro Baqueiro is the president of the Parent University of University of Business Doctoral Programs, Ras Al Khaimah, viz. Universidad Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra (UHJS). Though he is a Civil Engineer, he has a Doctoral Degree in the Science of Education from Mexico. He has more than 25 years of splendid exposure in the International Education and an academic professor with 20 years of teaching experience.


In fact, he has developed several higher-level Academic programs including that of ‘Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) which is presently delivered by University of Business Doctoral Programs. He also acts as an Academic Committee Member of UBDP. He is a well-known Entrepreneur and a Social worker establishing many Educational Institutions for the benefit of the common people at large.

He has presented many Post Research papers and authored many books with socio-economic importance. He blended his business acumenship with his Research Academic background in developing the program for Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).


Professor Dr. Beverly Hernandez
D.B.A. from Hispanoamericana University, Mexico
Faculty of Research and Finance


Dr. Beverly Hernandez is the Rector of University of Business Doctoral Programs (UBDP). Though she has a Spanish origin with Costa Rican citizenship, she has successfully completed her Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Mexican University.

She is also an accomplished Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and an authority in virtual education. She was the Director of DBA and Director of the Centre for Business Research and


 Development of the Latin American University of Science and Technology (ULACIT), in Costa Rica. She was also the Director of international projects for the Sustainable Economic Development of the University for the International Cooperation (UCI).

She had also developed projects in the areas of Finance and Sustainable Economic Development for the Ministry of Education of Mexico, and the Ministry of Education and Technology of the Dominican Republic. She was also a Director of Thesis and wrote many graduate programs about Virtual Learning and in Project Management, with emphasis on Communications Management, Human Resources and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for the University UCI, Costa Rica.

She also served as Director General to Administrative and Academic offices of Autonomous University of Costa Rica (the oldest private University founded since 45 years) and was the Academic Director and Professor of the School of Business of ULACIT, ranked as the best private university in Costa Rica by World QS University Rankings in the public sector. She also served as Counsel for Economic Development of Women to the Minister for the Status of Women in Costa Rica, serving as interim minister in the absence of the Minister.

Her academic background encompasses a DBA from Mexico; a post-graduation in Tax Law of UCLM from Spain; an MBA Degree from UCI - Costa Rica; Advanced studies in MBA from ULACIT- Costa Rica, Specialist in virtual education from UCI - Costa Rica. Above all she received the Degree of Certified Public Accountant and Audit from ULACIT - Costa Rica.

She has presented many papers on Business Strategy for Sustainable Development of Small Enterprises, Corporate Social Responsibility and Accounting and Tax Law in Costa Rica. In Mexico she has published three guides to sustainable economic development and micro enterprise for communities of Mexico. In short, she has 22 years of exposure as a core professional out of which 19 years as a Professor and rest as Academic Director.


Professor Dr. Nolan Quiros

PhD from Oklahoma, U.S.A. University

Faculty of Administration and Research

Dr. Nolan Quiros is the Director of UBDP as well as the Member of the Academic Committee.  He did his Ph.D in Economics and Natural Resources Management from Oklahoma State University of United States of America.

He graduated as a corporate lawyer from Universidad de Costa Rica, and later obtained his Master’s in International Trade and Environmental Law from the American University in Washington on issues of free trade and environment.

He also served as Vice President of Academic Affairs at the University for International Cooperation in Costa Rica and also as Director of its master’s program on Environmental Law. He is a member of the Costa Rican National Conservation Council and controller of the Regional Conservation Council For The Volcanic Mountain Range Conservation Area.

His academic experience includes the direction and professorship at the Center For Sustainable Development Studies in Costa Rica accredited by Boston University and also teaching at Wichita State University, Baker University, and Oklahoma State University and special courses for the United States Department of Agriculture. He has also worked as a consultant for other academic institutions such as Texas A&M University, and for private corporations such as HP and Koch Industries.



Dr. Marlene Alejandro
Ph.D in Law and Ph.D in Science of Education from Mexican University
Academic Committee Member


Dr. Marlene Alejandro is the Director and Shareholder of the Parent University of The University of Business Doctoral Programs (UBDP) viz. Universidad Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra (UHJS), Mexico. She has a Ph.D in Law as well as Ph.D in Science of Education  and has 25 years of experience as Professor of National Autonomous university of Mexico.


She was very successful in developing many academic programs at the tertiary academic level. She took the leadership to develop the entire program for the Ph.D in Business Law of Hispanoamericana University. She joined recently with UBDP as the Academic Committee Member by virtue of her close association with the Parent University of UBDP.

She has authored many Academic books in the field of law and presented numerous papers with socio-economic relevance. She has supervised many students in their Research process in the discipline of Law.


Dr. V. P. Raghavan
Ph.D from Calicut University, India
Faculty of Administration and Research


Dr. V. P. Raghavan is the Director (Course Delivery) of University of Business Doctoral Programs (UBDP). He is an accomplished Professor and supervised numerous Ph.D students.

He has PhD. in Economics from University of Calicut, India. He is a Researcher in the Institute for Research in Social Sciences and Humanities of Kannur since


2009. He was Director of the People Institute of Management Studies of Kerala, India. He had also worked as Director, Sri Sharada Institute of Management Research in New Delhi and Director DCSMAT Business School of Kerala.

In the status of visiting Professor, he was associated with the Institute of Economy and International Relations, Southern Federal University of Rostov-On-Don, Russia. He has published eight books in Economic issues, four book chapters, and fourteen articles about economics analysis. He has presented academic papers at national and international conferences. Dr. Raghavan was professor of Economics for several Business Schools in India and he has more than 25 years of experience as professor in several topics of economics.


Dr. Justin Paul
Ph.D from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, India,
Faculty of Administration and Research


He was the faculty member at University of Washington Foster School of Business, USA. Before this, he served as an associate professor with Nagoya University of Commerce and Business, Japan. Having started his career as an officer in Corporation Bank (India), he moved to academics and served as the department Chairperson at Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore.


An internationally known professor, he has taught full courses at Aarhus University, Denmark, Grenoble Eco le de Management, France, ISM University, Lithuania, SP Jain Institute of Management, Dubai and has been an invited speaker and trainer at University of Puget Sound, USA, St. Martin’s University, USA, Fudan University, Shanghai, University of San Francisco and University of New South Wales, Sydney, among others.

He has authored four text books – Business Environment (3rd edition), international Business (5th edition), Management of banking and Financial Services (2nd edition), and Export-Import Management. He has also co-authored a text book on Service Marketing. He has published about 25 research papers in prominent journals including Journal of Consumer Marketing, Competitiveness Review, and Asian Case Research Journal, etc. His cases studies and articles have been published by Harvard Business School, Ivey Business School, and University of Western Ontario, Canada. He has been a Ph. D. examiner at four universities and is also on the editorial review board of three referred journals.


Dr. Alejandro Alvarez Serrano
Ph.D from Kennedy Western- U.S.A. University
Faculty of Administration and Research

Dr. Alejandro Alvarez Serrano founded the "Creative NLP Academy" in Hamburg, Germany and branches in Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Costa Rica.

Dr. Alejandro Alvarez Serrano has Ph.D in Management Technology and he is an international speaker.

He has written more than 30 books, has appeared on over 600 radio and TV programs, and gives about 100 lectures a year. As an instructor, Agent Evolution and philosopher, has created some own self-help techniques such as Mental Architecture, Staging and Neuro Life Link Design. Based on Quantum Physics and supported in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), its efficient methods are studied and practiced worldwide.

His deep and broad knowledge, out of half a century of research has led him to combine the best of the best in the field of personal transformation to create a combination of original models, designed to reduce stress, resolve conflicts and open heart and mind to a new way of dealing with life's challenges.

Dr. Alejandro has presented its programs in 80 countries for 30 years in 4 languages. In recent years, Dr. Alvarez-Serrano has captured the attention of the Ministries of Education and Universities in some countries to make reforms in the education system.

He authored over 30 books, some of its most popular titles include: 'Excellence in Quantum Change', 'The Internal Change Science', 'Leonardo Da Vinci Strategies', 'Manual for Brains,' 'Burnout Syndrome', - 'Quantum Bio-Medicine’ and more. Articles from Dr. Alvarez-Serrano and inspiring methods have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines. His work has also been quoted in numerous publications on different topics.


Dr. Jessica Baños Poo
Ph.D from Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain
Faculty of Administration and Research


Dr. Jessica Baños Poo was the Professor of Political Theory at Universidad Iberoamericana. She has PhD in Political Theory, Democratic Theory and Public Administration from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Spain. She did her Masters in Political Theory from London School of Economics ad Political Science, England.

Presently pursuing post-doctoral research programme at the Research Center for Social Sciences and Humanities, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, on the study of Democracy. She has published more than twenty five academic works, among articles for journals and participation in collective books, in topics as theory of Democracy, human rights, civic republicanism, the political thought of Hannah Arendt, civic education, globalization, gender political theory and the prevention of violence.

Has also participated in more than 15 national and international conferences or congress. Between 2001 and 2003, worked at the office of Undersecretary for Global Affairs and Human Rights of the Mexican Ministry of International Affairs, where participated in the elaboration of the Follow-up Mechanism of the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Violence against Women, adopted by the Organization of American States in 2004, as well as in the coordination of materials for the dissemination of information on human rights and women rights along with PNUD and UNIFEM (today UN Women).


Dr. Michael R. Dicks
Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri, Columbia
Faculty of Academic Committee


Dr. Michael R. Dicks is the Academic Committee member of University of Business Doctoral Programs (UBDP). He has Ph.D in Agriculture and M.S. in Agricultural Economics, University of Missouri, Columbia. He is the Professor at Department of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University, 2000. He is also a Visiting Professor, Department of Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, Oregon State University and worked as Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University, 1992-1999.

He was a Leader-Aquaculture and Alternative Products Section, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, Commodity Economics Division, Specialty Commodities Branch during 1988-1989. Further worked as Agricultural Economist, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Resource and Technology Division, Policy Branch during 1985-1988. Also associated as Research Associate, University of Missouri-Columbia, Department of Agricultural Economics during 1984-1985.

Accomplishments: 383 Written Documents including; 36 journal articles, 11 Congressional Testimonies, 56 research reports, 118 miscellaneous publications (extension newsletters, articles in periodicals, etc.), 18 books or book chapters, 25 papers in published proceedings, 13 project reports, and 94 papers presented at professional meetings, supported by 20 Grants and contracts for $2,266,710, receiving 20 honors and awards.

Dr. Eliécer E. Vargas,
Ph.D in Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University
Academic Committee Member

Dr. Eliécer E. Vargas is an accomplished Researcher and a Professor. He has Doctorate in Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University, July 1999. Post-Doctoral Course in Environmental Economics and Policy Making from Göteborg University, Sweden.


Academic exposure and professional associations: Served in numerous positions including Academic Coordinator to Master’s Program in Environmental Socio-economics; Associate Professor and Researcher; coordinator of the Economy and Rural Development Group. Also engaged in the teaching profession with E.A.R.T.H. University, Guácimo Costa Rica.

Eight years of long association with Center for Competitiveness of Eco-enterprises, CATIE, Costa Rica. Responsibilities: Coordination of international courses (Farmer’s Organizations Development), capacity building, research in rural enterprise development, as well as instruction for CATIE’s Master Program in Environmental Socio-economics. Extensive technical assistance: tourism (SINAC), eco-enterprises (PCC, CAMBio), farmer’s organizations. He also has more than 15 Academic Presentations and Publications into his credit about eco-enterprises and sustainable Tourism.

Major Honors accorded on him are: U.S. Agency for International Development Central American Peace Scholarship – 1992; Exceptional Leadership Excellence, Oklahoma State University Multicultural Development and Assessment Center- 1995; Gamma Sigma Delta - Honor Society of Agriculture, Oklahoma State University:


Dr. Vaughn S. Buaquina,
Ph.D from Ohio University, Los Angles, USA
Faculty of Administration and Research

Dr. Vaughn S. Buaquina has Ph.D in Mathematics in the Differential Equations from the Ohio University/City University, Los Angles, USA. He did his Masters in the Science of Mathematics from University of Toledo, USA. He is not only an accomplished academic consultant but also an internationally known professor in various Universities and colleges of countries like USA, UK, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.


Dr. Vaughn was the Professor in various Universities like University of Toledo, Ohio, USA; Ohio University, Ohio; British College, UK; Australian University Sydney in the department of Mathematics and Statistics, etc. He also held coveted positions of Head of Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics and Vice President for Academic Affairs in the leading Philippines based Academic Institutions. He also developed various academic programs for Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Technology Management, Technological University of the Philippines, Manila. He received major Fellowships, Grants and Scholarships for his scholarly work from Japanese International Cooperation Agency Grant in 1985; University of Toledo Graduate Scholarship, Ohio, USA in 1986-87 and in 1989-91; and National Science Foundation Grant from ICIAM, USA in 1991.

Dr. Vaughn S. Buaquina has numerous publications and presented Research papers at national and international conferences and international Fora. He also received international awards and recognitions from Who’s Who in the World (2005), by Maquis New Jersey, USA; 2000 outstanding intellectuals of the 21st Century (2004), International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK; Living Legends (2004) International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK; Academician of Honor from Norman Academy, Rome, Italy in 2012, etc. He also has membership in many international organizations like Academy of Management, New York, USA, Chartered Association of Business Administrations, British Colombia, Canada; Phi Delta Kappa International (Harvard Chapter) Indiana, USA; Mathematical Association of America, Washington, DC, USA, etc.

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