Delivery Method
In order to suit the convenience of the professionals, the Course Delivery is structured with least face-to-face sessions (7-10 days in every 6 months). In addition, each student will have individual personal care of the Research Advisor coupled with unlimited access to UBDP e-portal platform.

The DBA program of the University presently being delivered with the accreditation of the Parent University viz. Hispanoamericana, Justo Sierra, Mexico. Meanwhile, the UBDP shall obtain accreditation from the UAE authorities in due course which makes no difference to the Research Scholars. Unlike Bachelor/ Masters program, Research programs are an inquiry into the nature of the reasons for and the consequences of any particular set circumstances. Therefore, the Research Student needs to undergo different levels of research process to arrive at a research conclusion.

As such, in research process, rather than imparting new knowledge by the university, the students themselves need to explore the depth of their acquired skill and knowledge to test the acceptance or non-acceptance of any theory or hypothesis with the guidance of the Research Advisor. Hence, UBDP shall extend conducive environment and guidance through its face-to-face sessions and e-portal facility to identify right premises for the research project. This shall be followed by due monitoring of Doctoral Dissertation preparation and finalization which involve extensive work by the Research Student.

The UBDP guarantees that the course material and guidance required for the DBA Research course will be complied through e-portal as well as competent Research Advisors at each major cities approved by the University. One of the major cities of each Asian and Middle East countries will be chosen as the Main Training Campus (MTC) facility of the UBDP to deliver the 7-10 days face-to-face classes to each student in every six months of the course period.
The Parent University ensures that all the DBA registration, evaluation, examination and certification shall be directly conducted by UBDP with the supervision and accreditation of Parent University and such certificates are recognized globally as per North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Moreover, the Research Programs of the Parent University are accredited by the Ministry of Education of Mexico.

However, in order to work as the interface between the student and the University, UBDP engages competitive educational institutions to act as “Facilitating Center” (FC). Attached to each FC, there shall be sufficient strength of Research Guides who hold Ph.D Degrees. The Facilitating Centers are the regional transaction point for student. Apart from University e-portal, the Facilitating Centre shall coordinate with the Research advisors and students. They also arrange suitable training time for the students to attend 7-10 days face-to-face course in each semester at the Main Training Campus (MTC).

KKJ Township at Ernakulam Dist., Kerala is the Main Training Campus (MTC) in India while the UBDP Head Quarters at RAKIA, Ras Al Khaimah is the Training Centre for UAE, Oman and Bahrain students. The MTC shall also convene the Public Defense for the Doctoral Dissertation. 

Admissions open globally as well

Admissions are open to Students from anywhere in the world. Therefore, those students who seek admission from countries other than India, UAE, Oman and Bahrain can also avail the program like other usual students. However, they need to come to University Head Quarters in UAE to undergo face-to-face program only for 16 days once in a year. The required visa for such students shall be facilitated by the University.

Validation of DBA Certificate

Every student of UBDP undergoes 30 hrs. of face-to-face program and 60 hrs. of Research work for each subject, as stipulated by the Hispanoamericana University, Mexico (Parent University). Therefore, all practical purpose the DBA accreditation issued by our Parent University is considered as Certificate issued to a normal residential student in Mexico. The DBA dissertation is to be prepared as per American Psychological Association (APA) standard.

The Certificate issued by Mexican Ministry of Education is valid all over the world due to the fact that Mexican accreditation is completely recognized as per the regulation for services within the ambit of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). As per NAFTA, certificate issued by USA, Canada and Mexico are treated at par and therefore accepted universally. The DBA Certificate issued by the Parent University at Mexico shall be certified by the Mexican Education Ministry followed by the attestation of the Mexican Foreign Ministry and the Embassy of the country to which the student belongs.

The rapid integration of world economies call for visionary leadership with global perspective on sustainable business acumenship in the globalized market economy. DBA degree ensures practical application of the theory in relation to the experience in the corporate world which transforms professional know-how into research based outcome. Therefore, DBA is the highest academic and research based qualification in the Business Management Studies. As such it need not act as a qualifying document for further academic or research based programs.


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