DBA Alumni - Testimonials

Dr. Abel Zapata Ditrich, DBA.
Director of Technological Institute of Merida, Yucatan state, Mexico

“Though I am a chemical Industrial Engineer with Masters in ‘Business Planning and Regional Development, I believe that my DBA from Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra University (UHJS), Mexico has played vital role in my career.

DBA has helped me tremendously in my earlier stint as Director of the Ministry of Education of Tabasco state. All my life I took pragmatic approach and I believe that all the enterprises have to invest more money in research and development. My DBA represents to me the biggest price of my entire life and I would recommend Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) to every professional who wish to become highly successful.”


Dr. Jose Luis Madrigal Cano, DBA.
Director in Industrial Projects of PEMEX (Petroleum of Mexico Company)

“I am an Industrial Production Engineer with Master of Science in Business Planning and Regional Development.

After obtaining my DBA, I could become independent simply because I learned how to be a successful Entrepreneur. I thank Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra University (UHJS), Mexico for the wonderful opportunity provided in successfully completing my DBA. My Doctoral Degree helped me to own a consulting company in Project Management. This also allows me to advise CEOs’ and Project Managers. I work like a Professor and manage my time with flexibility to enjoy my life.


Dr. Jose Humberto Cervera Brito, DBA.
Principal of the Technological Institute of Villa Hermosa, State of Tabasco, Mexico

“I am an Industrial Production Engineer with Masters in Business Administration. DBA was the great turning point in my life. I was the CEO of Díaz' Brewery in the State of Yucatan; Yucatan Henequen Cactus Manufacturing Inc. and Yucatan Henequen Cactus Felts Inc.

I also had the honor of working for the Green Gold of Mexico, the global famous Henequen Cactus, in 1990 and also I enjoyed my experience in the Brewery business. But when I successfully finished my DBA, I gained the confidence to work as a Principal of the Technological Institute of Villa Hermosa in the rich Petroleum State. I had the opportunity to apply all my knowledge in Administration and Management with better vigor extended by the DBA. Thanks to Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra University (UHJS), Mexico and my professors. DBA substantially improved my critical thinking qualities and the decision-making capabilities.”


Dr. Hortensia Eliseo Dantes, DBA.
Director of the Projects Office "CADECO" state of Tabasco. - Marine engines and generators equipment & Mine and Equipments company in the State of Tabasco

“I am an Industrial Production Engineer with Masters in Business Planning and Regional Development. I was a Professor of Higher Education with over 30 years experience in the Technological Institute of Merida, State of Yucatan.
I was also very happy all my life teaching business lessons, as I blended the real business challenges with the academic theories. However, my vision changed after the research process in my DBA, as I developed a methodology to achieve the professional goals in Project Management in the ambitious world of the Marine generators industry for the Petroleum State of Tabasco. Thanks to my Professors and my Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra University (UHJS), Mexico which extended me splendid applied research opportunities.

After I received my DBA, I could improve my professional performance and therefore I got this coveted opportunity in my life.”


Dr. Pablo Alejandro Campos Montes, DBA.
Director of Exploring Projects Department of the Multinational Mexican Petroleum Company (PEMEX)

My DBA from Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra University, Mexico has put me one step ahead of my counterparts here at PEMEX. Soon I will be in the Top Executive team and well on my way to higher management. The DBA program was a personal milestone which contributed both to my personal growth and professional development of an international career. It provided me with networks and open-mindedness resulting from interactions with people performing across the Globe. DBA also extended an outstanding environment for those who want to engage with the real world of management practice rather than withdraw to the comforts of an academic ivory tower.
The extensive case study work during my DBA provided me with very specific technical knowledge and the ability to take on special projects in my career. I also take the opportunity to appreciate the conducive environment and guidance extended by my University to undertake an applied research program in Doctor of Business Administration.


Dr. José Rafael Martínez Castro, DBA.
Adviser to the Governor of State and
Former Rector of the State Campeche Autonomous University

The DBA program is what made me stand out during my selection process to the coveted posts. I am on a fast track to higher hierarchy. The main strength of the DBA is the flexible structure, extended by the University of Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra for undertaking the applied research in Business Administration. In the DBA, we were provided with the core inputs of practical applicability of skills and knowledge acquired during our academic time.

The DBA program provided me the practical application of theory, changed my business outlook and structured my thinking process. It helped me to develop the right managerial tools to identify problems, analyze situations and formulate appropriate strategies for problem solving. The DBA enabled me to blend my knowledge with experience and tremendously increased my self-confidence. This could be the best thing I have done in my life. Thanks to my professors as well as to the Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra University.


Dr. Rodolfo Bernés Gómez, DBA
CFO of the Scientific & Technologic College of Campeche (CECYTEC) and
General Manager of the Pregonero Industries (Products for export)

I believe that DBA has helped me to effectively reach my goals and extended incomparable research experience in the applied premises. In my opinion, the DBA research methodology is the global benchmark for research training, it’s approach to research signifies a pragmatic and hands-on attitude that make it the perfect choice to undergo this program. The DBA provided opportunity to grow intellectually through self-direction. I recommend DBA to anyone, who wishes to undertake a challenging and rewarding career. The DBA program of Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra University provided me a personalized education with a rigorous academic challenge coupled with rich personal development experience, complete with practical knowledge that really conforms to real world business situations.

I personally feel very obliged to my University of Hispanoamericano Justo Sierra for extending excellent platform to conduct my DBA research and accordingly the most coveted academic recognition in the Business Management.


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